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Find the version of running instance of wordpress

Version of installed wordpress can be found by number of ways. We explain here one by one

WordPress files


If you have cpanel of FTP access  then locate the file wp-includes/version.php and you will find following:


* The WordPress version string


* @global string $wp_version


$wp_version = ‘4.7.3’;  // current version of installed wordpress.


Login using username and password of administrator and type following in browser address bar:


and it will display detail of currently installed wordpress including version.

Readme.html File

Generally readme.html file is publically accessible on websites and can be accessed by typing http://datumsol.com /readme.html.

By inspecting meta tag:


If admin of site has not edited a meta tag with version of wordpresss exists in source of page. You can view the meta tag by right clicking on page and view page source and search following meta tag:

<meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress 4.7.3″ />

Feed Link

Type  http://<youdomain.com>/feed/  and you will get an xml document which will include following tag:


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