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JavaScript Array Methods

JavaScript array methods are functions that can be used to perform various operations on arrays, such as adding and removing elements, sorting, filtering, and searching. Array methods are very powerful and can be used to make working with arrays much easier and more efficient.

Here is a detailed tutorial for JavaScript array methods:

Creating an array

To create an array in JavaScript, you can use the array literal syntax, which is a pair of square brackets with a comma-separated list of elements inside. For example:

const fruits = ["apple", "banana", "orange"];

This creates an array with three elements: “apple”, “banana”, and “orange”.

Accessing array elements

To access an element in an array, you can use the square bracket notation. The index of the first element in an array is 0, and the index of the last element is the length of the array minus 1. For example:

const firstFruit = fruits[0]; // “apple”
const lastFruit = fruits[fruits.length - 1]; // “orange”

Adding and removing elements

There are a number of different ways to add and remove elements from an array. Here are a few examples:

To add an element to the end of an array, you can use the push() method. For example:


To add an element to the beginning of an array, you can use the unshift() method. For example:


To remove the last element from an array, you can use the pop() method. For example:


To remove the first element from an array, you can use the shift() method. For example:


Sorting arrays

To sort an array in ascending or descending order, you can use the sort() method. For example:

fruits.sort(); // sorts the array in ascending order
fruits.sort().reverse(); // sorts the array in descending order

Filtering arrays

To create a new array with only the elements that match a certain condition, you can use the filter() method. For example:

const citrusFruits = fruits.filter(fruit => fruit.includes("citrus"));

This will create a new array called citrusFruits that only contains the fruits from the original array that contain the word “citrus”.

Searching arrays

To find the index of a particular element in an array, you can use the indexOf() method. For example

const indexOfApple = fruits.indexOf("apple"); // 0

If the element is not found in the array, the indexOf() method will return -1.

Other useful array methods

There are a number of other useful array methods, such as:

Map(): Transforms each element in the array using a callback function.

Reduce(): Reduces the array to a single value using a callback function.

Every(): Checks if all elements in the array pass a test.

Some(): Checks if at least one element in the array passes a test.

Concat(): Creates a new array by combining two or more arrays.


Here is an example of how to use some of the JavaScript array methods in action:

const fruits = ["apple", "banana", "orange", "mango"];
// Add a new element to the end of the array.
// Remove the first element from the array.
// Sort the array in ascending order.
// Filter the array to only include citrus fruits.
const citrusFruits = fruits.filter(fruit => fruit.includes("citrus"));
// Search the array for the index of the element “banana”.
const indexOfBanana = fruits.indexOf("banana");
// Print the results.
console.log(fruits); // [“orange”, “mango”, “watermelon”]
console.log(citrusFruits); // [“orange”]
console.log(indexOfBanana); // 1


JavaScript array methods are a powerful tool that can make working with arrays much easier and more efficient. By learning how to use array methods, you can write more concise and readable code.