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JavaScript Get Date Methods

JavaScript provides a number of methods for getting information about a date object. These methods can be used to get the day of the week, month, year, hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.

Creating a Date Object

Before you can use any of the JavaScript get date methods, you need to create a Date object. There are two ways to do this:

Use the new Date() constructor. This will create a Date object with the current date and time.

Pass a string representation of a date to the Date() constructor. This can be useful for creating Date objects from dates that were stored in a database or read from a file.

Get Date Methods

The following table lists the most common JavaScript get date methods:

| getDate() | Returns the day of the month (1-31). |

| getDay() | Returns the day of the week (0-6, where 0 is Sunday). |

| getMonth() | Returns the month (0-11, where 0 is January). |

| getFullYear() | Returns the year. |

| getHours() | Returns the hours (0-23). |

| getMinutes() | Returns the minutes (0-59). |

| getSeconds() | Returns the seconds (0-59). |

| getMilliseconds() | Returns the milliseconds (0-999). |


The following examples show how to use the JavaScript get date methods:

// Create a Date object with the current date and time.
const now = new Date();
// Get the day of the month.
const day = now.getDate();
// Get the day of the week.
const dayOfWeek = now.getDay();
// Get the month.
const month = now.getMonth();
// Get the year.
const year = now.getFullYear();
// Get the hours.
const hours = now.getHours();
// Get the minutes.
const minutes = now.getMinutes();
// Get the seconds.
const seconds = now.getSeconds();
// Get the milliseconds.
const milliseconds = now.getMilliseconds();
// Log the results to the console.
console.log(`Today is ${day}.`);
console.log(`The day of the week is ${dayOfWeek}.`);
console.log(`The month is ${month}.`);
console.log(`The year is ${year}.`);
console.log(`The time is ${hours}:${minutes}:${seconds}.${milliseconds}.`);

Using Get Date Methods in Real-World Applications

JavaScript get date methods can be used in a variety of real-world applications. For example, you could use them to:

Create a calendar application.

Calculate the number of days between two dates.

Calculate the age of a person.

Convert a date from one format to another.

Display the current date and time on a website.


JavaScript get date methods are a powerful tool for working with dates and times. By understanding how to use these methods, you can write more complex and sophisticated JavaScript applications.